Sunday, April 4, 2010

Catching Up

Well, I'm not feeling any better but I figured I better get caught up a little bit anyway! A couple weeks ago I made a Boston Cream Pie for dessert for family night. I like to use frosting instead of melted chocolate chips for the topping. The kids are glad I did...

I melted the frosting a bit and poured it over the cake. It was a bit too melted and kept running, running, running! The kids had a grand time licking up the extra!!

Jacob really got into it! (I don't know why his ear is so red...he has sensitive skin that gets red very easily. I promise I wasn't boxing his ears! ;))

While Grandpa & Grandma were visiting, Anna and Grandma emptied out the toy box. Anna wanted to set up "shop" with all her stuffed animals. SHE HAS OVER 50 STUFFED ANIMALS!!! That's just crazy! The bad part? We can tell you who gave her pretty much every, single one! How are you supposed to pare down that?! We can't give away the teddy bear Binga gave her for Valentine's Day, or the dog Grandpa gave her for Christmas, or the clown bear she picked from Great Grandma W's house....*sigh*

Spring is finally here!!!! The weather has been super nice. Anna & Jacob have loved playing outside as much as they can.

Jacob was allowed to hold Anna's precious "kitty"...until he got too rough with her. Then Mama Anna had to take it away! have to hold her like THIS!

So proud of herself. This girl lived in her swimming suit for 2 days (and her boots--love it!). She is SO ready for summer and the pool!!

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