Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pictures...and that's about it.

People ask how I feel and the best answer is "It's still the first trimester!" Three weeks (or so) and hopefully things will start getting better.

Saturday...pathetic, right? Although I can't blame Jacob for not wanting to watch "Angelina the Ballerina" and I can't blame Anna for not wanting to watch "Thomas the Train" again. They're getting to the ages that there really aren't a whole lot of shows they both like. Dora is about the only one!

I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but I love it.

My lilac bush is blooming! It smells so good out back. It's almost as tall as the house (the flat roof part, anyway)!

Got the garden in!!! Trying lettuce and spinach this year. Aaron was a HUGE help--he pretty much did all the weeding to get it ready for the tilling. It was so COLD Saturday morning!!!

Miss Blue Eyes...with Mrs. Blue Eyes behind her :) Anna's eye color is very much like Gma Betty's.

Poor boy was ready to go to Aunt Cara's house for 2 days!! Both mornings he woke up and thought it was time. This was the day, but he had to wait until afternoon! He put the boots on all by himself and was ready to go with his Easter basket and Anna's backpack!


legendswife said...

What a neat post! We have days like this too:) You have a lovely blog!

God Bless

Jennifer said...

Thank you! And thanks for stopping by!