Monday, October 25, 2010

36 weeks

I had my 36 week appointment today. I was measuring 3 weeks behind (again), so she ordered a sonogram. Thankfully, they were able to get me in this afternoon so I didn't have to make another trip to Wichita. The doctor was concerned because of my history of low amniotic fluid (that's why Anna was 3 weeks early). Baby was laying transverse (side-to-side across my stomach) so I think that might have caused the measurement to be a little off. Anyway, we headed for the sonogram after lunch. The tech was the friendliest I've had yet. She said the fluid level was great. She gave us some other news...he's a BIG baby. Already. Goodness gracious. His head measures at 40 weeks (90th percentile), his foot is about 3" long already (that's almost half the size of Jacob's foot right now!!!!) and he weighs about 7.5 lbs!!! She said the weight could be off by a pound, but she really doubted it at this point. This kid still has 2.5 weeks to cook!! Oh my stars. How am I having such big babies?! My brothers and I, we were all under 8 lbs. 3 weeks early, Anna was almost 7lbs. 1 week early Jacob was an ounce shy of 9lbs. Who wants to make a guess at how much this guy is going to weigh?! I'm too scared! At least it'll be a c-section (his head size might have changed that anyway!).


Jaime said...

Just so you know, it's a myth that bigger babies are more difficult to give birth to. Abigail was 7 lbs 14 ounces and her birth was 2x as long and 1,000,000x harder than Elsie's who was 9lbs 2 ounces. Of course, there are probably exceptions to that (such as a 12 pound baby) but I'm just saying that their weight had no bearing on the birth. :) Good luck!! (It does make you more uncomfortable when they're in though - whooo!).

Jennifer said...

I'm not too concerned with the birthing since it will be a c-section. What DOES make it harder is the head and this guy has a HUGE noggin! But yes, his size is making me quite uncomfortable. He likes to really stretch out and gives me some pretty hard kidney kicks!