Sunday, October 10, 2010

Still No Pictures

The good news? Aaron is HOME and feeling so much better!!!! He's still pretty worn out from the whole ordeal (and driving 8 hrs. home), but he's our our bed...with US! Can you tell I'm happy about that?! The kids are so glad he's home, too. Last night, he went out to get something out of the car and when he came back in, Anna looked up kind of startled. She said (with a giggle) "I forgot Daddy was here!" Thanks for praying for him!
The bad news? My computer is still in the shop. And the other bad news (at least for the computer guy)? When I asked Dad if it was fixed he replied "Not happy...we will have words when I get back" Rut-roh Mr. Computer Man. "will have words" doesn't translate into good for you! :)

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Janet said...

Glad he is home and doing better.