Saturday, October 23, 2010

Too Bad We Have to Sit

Aaron cleaned the living room carpet & I washed the baseboards & wiped down the walls today (nesting anyone??). The kids think it's great fun to run around the empty living room. It's too bad we have to sit because an empty room could keep them entertained for hours...not to mention wear them out!!
I tend to want big projects done as part of my nesting. Last time I helped Aaron put in a cedar ceiling in the bathroom & I painted the kids' room. Oh yes, and Aaron & his folks put in the wood floors right before he was born, too. We moved less than a week before Anna was born (she was three weeks early). This time I wanted to redo the bathroom (tile the floor, new vanity, new fixtures) but finances just didn't work out for that yet. So we cleaned carpets instead! I'm exhausted and Aaron's the one who moved all the furniture & cleaned the carpets!!! By morning we should be able to put everything back & then I can scrub down the kitchen. 3 weeks and counting! :)
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