Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Gonna Miss This

I keep hearing that song in my head (search for "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins if you haven't heard the song) and remember a blog post I read over a year ago. She talked about not wanting to wish away the precious moment with her children, especially when things are crazy, hectic, frustrating, and tiring.
I have a to-do list 6 miles long and not enough time to do it all before we leave in 1.5 days for Christmas Globe Travel 2010. And Isaac has started to be very fussy every evening for hours. The only thing he wants is to be swaddled, fed, or held. For a couple hours tonight as I sat here rocking and soothing him, all I could think about were the piles of laundry needing done, the suitcases needing packed, the floors needing swept & mopped, the bedrooms needing cleaned, the presents needing wrapped...on & on. And then I realized that instead of taking this time, frustrating as it maybe since I don't know why such a normally happy baby is so upset, to relish the snuggles and smile and connect with my baby...I was wishing it away so I could get *stuff* done. I remember the day he was born and how heartbreaking it was not to be able to hold him. And I think of my brother & his family and how they're told how often they can hold their baby, or my friend whose babies are 3 weeks old and she's only been able to hold them twice. Or my cousin & her family who will only hold their baby again in Heaven. How dare I wish away time to hold this miracle, and listen to his little snores, and watch his dreams play out on his face. Life is so precious. It is truly a gift from the Lord and I take it for granted far too often. So I promise myself and my children that I will try my hardest to never wish away any moments spent with them-whether it's holding a cranky baby, comforting a scared 5 year old in the middle of the night, or cuddling a tired 3 year old who just wants me to hold him.
Lord, thank You for blessing me with these three amazing children and please help me to never take for granted the time You give me with them, no matter the time of day or the length of my to-do list.
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Anonymous said...

Oh amen. Words were never truer. thanks for the thoughts and for writing them down for others to be reminded of also. papa

Beth said...

On a day when bedtime for my Isaac couldn't have come too early after a day when he wanted nothing but to be held, I needed that reminder. Thank you!