Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:30 Isaac has his follow up echocardiogram to check the heart murmur. Please pray that everything will be just as it should be, that the valve will be perfectly closed as it should be. Anna and Jacob (especially Jacob) have yucky colds, so Aaron is staying home with Jacob instead of coming with me (we didn't want to spread the germs to anyone else's kids!).
On an exciting note, Anna's school Christmas program is tomorrow evening! And she gets to stay at school ALL DAY (and eat lunch at school!!) since they're practicing pretty much all day. AND they get to ride a bus to the college to practice. She's a little nervous about staying all day, but she's really excited about the play! If I can get my computer working again, I'll have pictures (and hopefully video!) to post.

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Praying indeed.