Monday, December 13, 2010

One Month Already?!

I cannot believe it's been almost a month already! Isaac is a voracious eater, a great sleeper, a beautiful baby (I'm allowed to say that since he's a baby).
He must have vivid dreams because he's always making faces in his sleep. He likes to be swaddled tight to sleep, loves his paci almost as much as he loves his milk, makes the cutest little noises in his sleep, and is lavishly loved by his siblings.
For a week now he's been sleeping "all night" most nights. I say "all night" because that's by baby standards! :) He will usually go 5-6 hrs. I put him down for the night midnight or after then he sleeps til 5 or later, eats and goes right back to sleep for another 2-3 hrs. He's eating at least 4 oz at every feeding. He's starting to get too long for newborn sized clothes but not quite long enough for 0-3 months.
Isaac also loves his car seat. Which is a good thing considering all the car time he's going to get over Christmas! As long as the van is moving, he'll stay asleep-even past his normal eating times. I hope that continues through the month! My other two hated their car seats!!
I still can't tell what color his eyes are going to be. Sometimes they definitely look darker-brown or hazel-and other days they look like they might be blue. His hair is definitely getting lighter, too, just like Anna's did. She had almost black hair at birth like Isaac & hers gradually lightened by the time she was one. Isaac definitely favors Anna in looks (and depending on who you ask, that means favoring Aaron or me/my brother Jeremy!).
Time is flying by so quickly. Before I know it he'll be mobile & moving around! But for now, I try to remember to soak up these precious newborn moments. What a treasure God gives us through these babies!!
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