Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life on Fast Forward

 After some complaints from certain grandparents people, I figured I better put some pictures up. :) I take more pictures with my phone than anything recently and it's easier to post to facebook than to blogger, so even though a lot of family gets to see them that way, the most important ones (the grandparents) don't. So, here are a bunch of phone pics. This is life these days. Busy...crazy...recovering from sickness...learning...life. We love it (except for the sickness part)!

 After watching The Pioneer Woman just before the Super Bowl, I was asked to make these brownies. They're called Knock You Naked Brownies. Maybe I should change it to Knock Your Socks Off...Anyway, they are amazing. Decadent, rich, and calorie-free! Ha. So when Uncle Windell came to visit, I made them again.

 Jacob was SO EXCITED to see Uncle Windell! He basically talked from the second Windell walked in the door until Jacob went to bed. He talked Windell into playing Mario Kart with him. Uncle Windell quickly found out that it's not as easy as it looks! Jacob "helped" him.

 Windell got a rental car this trip (a Yukon). When we went to Hutch to go shopping, we took his vehicle. Anna and Jacob were soooo impressed that there were TWO movie screens! :)

 Isaac was too tired to be impressed.

 For Sale...CHEAP! ;)

 One weekend there was a Ranch Rodeo in Lyons. Anna was ecstatic to go! Jacob was more interested in running around playing and Isaac just wanted to run (into the corrals...it didn't matter where as long as he was running. That child has no fear.).

 She made a friend...

 I told Aaron it might be time to get a shotgun! ;)

 We had one day recently that was incredible...70 degrees! I think this day wasn't quite that warm, but it was very nice!

 Isaac enjoyed the swing.

 He just looks like trouble!

 I didn't have much luck getting a picture of Anna swinging.

 Yeah, I almost got kicked...

 Got it!

 Aaaand I almost got kicked again!

 But look! I got another one :)

 The kids had been such troopers, being sick for so long. So I got them a new game...Bed Bugs!! All three of them like it. Except Isaac picks up the bugs you get out and puts them back!

 Heaven help us. She actually slept like this for a nap one day. I'm in so much trouble when she hits double digits!!!

 The kids like to play in the crib, except I guess maybe Jacob wanted out here.

 And he didn't appreciate me taking his picture instead of helping him out...

 Uncle Windell got the kids some "color your own" shirts. I told Jacob he didn't color all of his shirt. He said "Yes I did." Okay buddy. Either way, he loved it!

 Anna colored a "Pinto horse" (she means Paint) :) and of course, was so proud to wear it! The greatest thing? The colors wash off and they can re-color them!

 I don't know...

 After almost 3 weeks of sporadic/no school, it feels really good to be back at it!! The kids had a lot of fun (all 3 of them!) playing with these today.

 Jacob was very proud of the flower he made...all by himself!

So fun learning and creating!

So! There you go Papa, Binga, Grandpa, and Grandma! :)

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