Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Journey Day 1

Aaron and I are embarking on another new health journey. We are doing a "Reboot" fast. It's from the documentary "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead" that we watched a couple weeks ago. It's not a total juice fast, but the only thing we will eat and drink for 10 days is fruits and vegetables. Since neither of us have any health concerns, we were comfortable in trying this. Why are we doing this? To flush out all the toxins in our system and lose a little weight. We eat almost exclusively "real" food. The only exception being when we eat out, which is rarely. But we aren't able to eat 100% organic. If you go to you can see exactly what a Reboot is. For instance, today (the first day) the menu has for breakfast a berry/apple bake (apples and berries baked with some cinnamon and nutmeg), an apple, carrot, ginger juice for snacks (I couldn't stomach this one-too much ginger! Next time I'll use much less), a leafy green salad with vinegar and oil for lunch with carrot & sweet potato "fries", and a kale and avocado salad for supper. Some days it's just juice for a meal, other days it's some kind of salad. The hardest part? Fixing meals for the kids but not eating it ourselves!! :) They say days 2-4 are the hardest so we'll see!
I'm excited to see how this changes us and helps us get even healthier. I would highly recommend watching that documentary. It's very inspiring!!

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