Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Journey Day 2

This afternoon has been harder. I'm very tired and the thought of not eating leftover lasagna or grilled cheese (what the kids are having) makes me grumpy! Even harder is finding the energy to make our meals. They're not fancy, but it just takes time to prep everything and put the salads and/or soups together. I think this would be much easier if it were just Aaron and I. But having to make meals for the kids is hard!! And it doesn't help when Aaron keeps talking about what he's going to eat when we're done with this reboot. Or smelling people's grills fired up! Haha! Since we can't go to church (Anna has chicken pox, still waiting to see if Jacob gets them), this morning we rode bikes up to the college again to run around the track. Anna is a competitive little runner!! She walked/ran 3 laps and then was too tired. I told her it was okay to go and play! The boys were playing in the sand pits. She did for a little bit and then next thing I knew she was off running another lap. She said it really bothered her that he hadn't been able to run that last lap and make it a mile! After all the cheering she got, Isaac decided he wanted to run. That little squirt ran half a mile!!! He absolutely loves bike rides and the last 2 days we've taken at least two a day! This afternoon he was tuckered out from his run and fell sound asleep in his bike seat!
I have no doubt this reboot is going to help us tremendously. The 2nd and 3rd days are the hardest to get through. I think I'll just ignore the laundry and go to bed early tonight!!!

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