Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Journey Day 4

Today was definitely interesting! I woke up not doing very good. It seems not drinking/eating some of the meal items isn't a good idea! Whoops. My blood sugar got way too low so I felt pretty bad this morning. Once we figured out why I was feeling so bad and I ate some fruit, I felt much better. Of course, it took me til 2pm to figure it out! Ha. So from now on, I'll add a piece of fruit in between meals if I need to. Days 6-10 should be easier-we get "dessert" every evening! :) Aaron is amazing-he can stomach even the grossest juices!! I'm still glad we're doing this. We are getting so many more fruits and veggies than we could possibly eat in a day.
Tomorrow it's supposed to be cold and possibly snow!! :( So this evening we are enjoying the weather while we can!

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