Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cheyenne Frontier Days

We got to go to the rodeo at Cheyenne Frontier Days again this year. This time grandpa & grandma and Mr. Len & Miss Kathy (longtime family friends) came with us! Saturday morning, as we got ready to load up, Aaron couldn't find the van keys. We looked everywhere we could think of to no avail. Luckily the van wasn't locked and we had just enough seats in Grandpa and Grandma's vehicles to fit everyone. The boys rode with Aaron and I in grandpa's little pickup. Isaac car seat barely fit in the "jump seat" and I had to have my seat so far forward that my knees hit the dash. His seat wasn't reclined back as much as usual so when he fell asleep, his head would flop forward and he'd wake up crying. So I sat sideways the whole way to Cheyenne to hold his head back! Hey...whatever it takes to keep him from screaming! We're just thankful everyone could fit in their vehicles so we could all go!!

Mr. Len gave Jacob a piggyback ride into the stadium.

Of course Anna sat in rapt attention the whole 4 hours. She even asked Mr. Len for his program so she could follow along (even though it was all up on the big screen). 

The most surprising (not to me) was that Isaac sat the entire 4 hours and watched. He was enthralled with it all. His favorite part was the calf roping and steer wrestling! 

The cowgirls ;)

One tired cowgirl after a long day at the rodeo!

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