Thursday, July 18, 2013

Middle of Nowhere

I wish I had taken my phone with me this evening (or had a good camera!). The views were stunning, the beauty of God's creation surrounding us. The sounds were peaceful and brought back childhood memories of evenings at Grandpa & Grandma's farm.
We're spending the weekend with our friends who live in the middle of nowhere. The kids love it out here. Aaron and I love it out here. We spent a couple hours in a remote pasture digging snakeroot (don't ask...Aaron is crazy). Once the kids changed their attitudes, they had a blast exploring and just playing. I took them over to a ridge and we watched the sun set. When we got back to where the others were, Anna ran up to Aaron and said, "Daddy! Daddy!! We watched the sun set up close!!!" 
Tomorrow, even though I have no cell service out here, I will take my phone along and try to capture the beauty God has created up here (though a cell phone will hardly do it justice!).

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