Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oh Anna

It took us a while, but we finally figured out (after several years) that Anna sleep-walks. She tries to hold conversations and looks like she's awake, but she's not. She has no recollection of her little adventures the next day. This is what usually happens: she'll come out of her room, usually at least a little upset (sometimes hysterical). Then she'll tell us something that makes absolutely NO sense. None whatsoever. But she insists on being understood! Sometimes she wakes up when we take her back to bed, but most of the time she does not. Take just a few minutes ago, for example...

Aaron and I are sitting here making a menu and going over the budget (fun times in the Wallman house!) when Anna comes to the kitchen. She goes to the fridge and opens it (definitely out of character for her! Jacob, on the other hand.....).

What are you doing, Anna?
I'm just...I'm getting a drink. (as she closes the fridge and opens the freezer)
Anna, why are you opening the freezer?
(She walks to the sink and looks over the counter at us) Why do you always make me do this???
(completely confused) Make you do what, Anna?
Make me go to bed like this! Why do you make me go to bed like a pig?! (she puts her head down on her arms)

Aaron takes her back to bed, assuring her that she's not a pig.

Oh Anna!

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Linda Borror said...

I have read that weird dreams means a brilliant mind - - -so I am supposing that this little activity must go a step beyond brilliant.

Sweet little story. Thanks for sharing.