Monday, August 26, 2013

The Case for Cursive

I've heard a lot of discussion about cursive in the past year or two. I'm not even sure most, if any, schools even teach it anymore. Most people think the need for cursive is obsolete. Technology has made even teaching handwriting seem unnecessary. I'm one of the few people that can actually make a pretty good argument for learning cursive...Aaron's job! Cursive handwriting (nice, neat cursive handwriting) gives over 300 people a source of income in this area. When people ask why I would even want to teach cursive, I have a very real, "close to home" example of just exactly why I choose to teach cursive!
But after today, our first full day of school, I have yet another reason for doing it...look at Jacob's paper. Notice his name at the top and his cursive n on the rest of the page. 

This is with very little practice! He'd written it maybe 10 times before this page. I am amazed! I mean, he's been writing his name for almost 2 years. I'm still just slack-jawed over how well he wrote his cursive letters!
There you have case for cursive. ;)

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Linda Borror said...

Agreed!!! The people in most other countries are so proud of their signature - - -

It is just one more area that we seem to be comfortable with mediocrity. Good for you and good job Jacob.