Friday, August 16, 2013

Time for School...Almost

It took me quite a while, but I finally got the school room organized. It was a disaster. We didn't use it last year except as a catch-all for junk! I felt like this year, with Isaac being 2.5 he would do much better with us doing school in there. I had great visions of what I wanted to do...and then I realized how small the room was with those stupid, giant steps that take up half the width of the room. And then I remembered that we weren't going to spend half our life savings to remodel the school room. I was very frustrated with trying to figure out how to make it all work without breaking the bank with a remodeled room and new organizational  furniture. So I turned to pintrest for inspiration! And I found it. I went through my school stuff from my "real" teaching days and had plenty of things for the walls. Then I found some other bookcases and storage things from around the house and just made it work! I threw away 2 trash bags of stuff!! I decided to just get some big floor pillows and still do most of our actual work at the dining room table. Then whenever we need to do any teaching in the school room, the kids can just use floor pillows. Really for the most part, we'll only need to be in there for Jacob's phonics and maybe some of his math (for the chalkboard). I'm excited and am really hoping this will work out. 

Books and puzzles to keep Isaac occupied while the big kids do school.  
Anna and Jacob will both be learning cursive this year. 

Bookshelves for all our school books and our "Character Counts" corner. 

The calendar wall! This is where Isaac will probably do the most damage!!!

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