Monday, February 15, 2010

Catching Up

We're still alive, just busy. With what...I'm not sure! Life with little ones, I guess. And so, while said little ones empty the toy box and lick the Ranch bottle, I'll catch up on blogging! ha

Valentine's weekend found my love and I at a marriage retreat. It was great...great learning, great fellowship, great night away from life! Grace Bible Church puts this on every year and invites our church. This is the second time we've gone. There were quite a few couples from our church this year. We had a prime rib buffet again Friday night. I was lucky enough to be next in line when they brought another roast out, so I got a well done piece! It was so delicious. I never know if it's the food that makes it so good, or the fact that I actually get to eat a hot meal...not a cold one after I've gotten up to get something for the kids 29 times! :) I have lots to share from the weekend, but that will have to wait...better move on before the kids decide to empty something else!

Speaking of the kids...
Good grief. That's all I've got to say about this picture!!

While we were at the retreat, Papa & Binga came down Friday to keep the kids (THANK YOU!!!!). They even kept Hudson, too...on his first night away from Mommy! He did great. Jamie & Cassie came Saturday & spent the night, too.

Hudson & Jacob "blowing" bubbles. I think they probably ended up with more in their mouths than not...

Poor kid...his feet are flat as pancakes just like his Mama's.

Jacob & Hudson would stand at the curtain and one of us would say "On your marks, get set...GO!" and off they would run. Every time, into my bedroom to the closet mirror doors. And then back out they would gallop, grinning.

I gave him another haircut the other night. He hated it this time. I just buzzed it mostly. He didn't like it to begin with, then he started rubbing his face with his arm (covered in hair because he refuses to leave a cape or towel on). Which meant he got hair in his mouth. But he wouldn't quit doing it! So it's not a perfect haircut, but it'll last a while! :)

Hudson giving us a show:)

Papa started it! Jacob loves being thrown up in the air!!

When Hudson wanted a turn, I told Papa "be careful you don't throw him through the ceiling!" Hudson is probably at least 10 pounds lighter than Jacob.

I think Anna & Jacob weigh pretty much the same, but Anna is so much longer--that makes it hard to throw her up very high!

Aunt Cara came to visit Saturday and Jacob would NOT let her out of his sight! The second he saw her, he ran over and wanted up. When she went to put her jacket on to leave, Jacob ran right over and wanted up. I told him to tell Aunt Cara bye bye and he looked right at me and waved and said "Bye bye!" then started blowing every BUT Cara kisses! :) Then when Binga left and wouldn't take'd have thought the poor kid was an orphan the way he looked. So sad. So today there was no school and we're on a bit of company let-down!


Anonymous said...

Well I am beginning to wonder if you beat that child ahahahah! What a fun time we had with everyone. And we kept up our tradition of leaving something there and having to meet you to get it back. Amazing that once we hit Lyons it always comes to us then. papa

Jennifer said...

?? ohhh, since he wanted to leave with everyone else? HA! He just gets spoiled rotten by everyone else!
And you still didn't remember everything! Lyons is better than Kansas City!