Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We Couldn't Avoid It Forever

Well, I'm impressed we made it to February with no one catching the stomach bug! But Monday night ended our reign :( I'd have been okay without that!
Poor Jacob was the victim. I felt a little off all day, but passed it off as nothing. After baths, I was putting clothes away in my room. Jacob hadn't really eaten all day--no lunch or supper, just crackers or fruit in between. He didn't have a fever or anything other "symptoms" so I just figured those snacks were too close to meal times. WRONG! He came into my room and kinda whined and held up his arms. So I picked him up and asked if he was ready for bed. He looked at me, coughed/gagged a tiny bit...there was that split second of time when a mother knows what's coming. I didn't react fast enough. I denied that instinct and thought he was just coughing a bit. Nope! Out came a tiny bit. Luckily we were right next to the bathroom (as if any room in this house is that far from the bathroom!). I ran in there with him and stood him over the toilet. This 2 1/2 year old was a champ at hitting the toilet! (not sure if that's something to be proud of???). Anna has always resisted leaning over anything (toilet or bowl) when she's sick. Which equals pretty big messes! He did it perfectly and anticipated the coming waves. (Which was a huge blessing seeing as how our washing machine is out of commission until Papa comes and fixes it!) Anna came in the bathroom and stood at the door. With an odd look on her face, she said "Jacob is sick! I don't want his germs..." I told her it was okay to leave. I did ask her to bring me a washrag, which she did very quickly! She is the sweetest thing. After I got us cleaned up (thankfully it was just us and not the carpet), I called Aaron to come home (naturally it was his call night!) so he could put Anna to bed. So Jacob & I got situated in the recliner with towels, rags, and a bowl and watched Dora. He got sick again :( After I cleaned that up (the bowl) he stayed awake for quite a while but finally drifted off. I laid him on the couch where he slept for a good hour. Then he woke up and threw up again. This time there was nothing there and he did not like that at all. I was so surprised with him the whole time. He would reach for the bowl before he threw up. Aaron brought home some Sprite for us. At 3am after the last time he threw up, he was thirsty. And I mean THIRSTY. This kid has always been a drinker. He goes through more juice in a day than Anna could in a week! He's just always seemed thirsty. So when I only let him have 2 sips, he was not a happy camper! How on earth do you explain to a 2 year old that he can't drink as much as he wants?? I fought him for 30 min. over it. I finally decided to forget it and let him drink. He actually kept it down for several hours. After this, we moved to my bedroom. I got everything all ready in there and turned on Dora. This kid. He's sicker than a dog and he lays there after I turned it off and does a perfect Swiper impression! "Ohhh man!" Too cute. He slept for another hour or two, then threw up all the Sprite. After that he slept until 7:30, when he woke up as if he hadn't been up half the night puking!! He didn't want breakfast but I did give him some Sprite. He drank that all morning and never got sick, so by lunch he was ready to eat. Chicken noodle soup stayed down! He took a really long nap (as in 4 hrs). I went to bed as soon as Aaron got home...there's a reason you go to college when you're young! Man!!! It's going to take me a week to recover from last night. Thankfully I don't feel icky any more, just bone tired. It took Jacob a bit to go to sleep tonight, but he is back to his normal self. I'm praying Anna doesn't catch it. Of the two kids, Jacob has turned out to be a champion sick kid (if there is such a thing!). Anna hates being sick and throwing up (Papa, you just had to hand that down to her, didn't you?!). The only time Jacob cried was when I wouldn't let him drink as much as he wanted (and then it was wailing and gnashing of teeth!) and when he was dry heaving. The other times, he never cried.
So, I need to get some sleep! This Mama can't take these all-nighters!! (it's why God gave me children who like to sleep!)

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Jaime said...

Yuck! I HATE the stomach flu. Abigail has had it twice. Thankfully the second time it was just during the day. Andrew had it this weekend but so far, everybody else is fine. It's Wednesday so I hope we're in the clear.

I let Andrew handle as much of the puke as possible. He know it too! :)