Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ear Cleaning Time

My kids have always hated having their ears cleaned. Jacob hates having his ears even TOUCHED. So this is how I get them to be still and let me clean their ears...

It works! :)


Schenk Family said...

I am not aloud to touch Gracie with a Q-tip per the doctors orders. But do you have a remedy for nail cutting she cries and cries and wiggles it is terrible she hates that she can not move her arms or legs it makes her so mad.

Jennifer said...

I mostly just use them to get the wax chunks sitting visibly and then around their outer ears (is that the right term??). My kids have ridiculously waxy, crusty ears. Ick.
Jacob hates nail clipping, too. And they both HATE having their toenails cut! I just wrestle them down and hold their legs straight. It's not pleasant, but any other trick I've tried hasn't worked! I've tried having Anna entertain him, letting them have a treat, watching a movie...none of it works! Thus my kids' toenails are usually *bit* long by the time I'm ready to fight the battle again! The only thing I haven't tried is doing it while they're asleep. It's not worth risking waking them up to me!! :) Let me know if you figure something out!