Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beauty All Around Us

We got freezing fog again last night/this morning. A timely reminder from a friend yesterday about taking time to see God's beauty and having an attitude of prayer prompted me to grab my camera and drive to the lake. It was a bit chilly, so almost all of these were snapped from inside the van! :) What a glorious creation God has given us.
*there are tons of pictures because I couldn't narrow it down!*

Yeah, we still have geese and ducks! Every year, more and more stay behind. I guess they're adjusting to the cold temps.

Panoramic view of the beautiful lake.

This guy was just taking a little stroll down the street!

I've always liked this tree--how it grows out over the water.

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Lambert Loggings said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! The lake is just gorgeous right now! Thanks for capturing it for us to enjoy.