Monday, February 28, 2011

Building Blocks

Please Mama, can't I have some more??? Pretty please?!

Jacob and I built some towers this afternoon...

Yep, he's got Stinemetz blood in him!

I guess I should say we were building houses...he kept correcting me when I said tower. :)

Isaac is such an intent observer. Even if he's tired or hungry...if you sit him in front of any kind of activity he's content to sit and take every bit of it in! Grandpa & Grandma W were here this weekend and were so surprised by how alert he is and how he just wants to sit and watch all the action. I really don't remember the other two being this alert and "up" this much. Isaac holds his head up and looks around very well for being 3 months old (almost 4!). And, bad mommy confession...he rarely does tummy time! :-/ Obviously his neck muscles are plenty strong without tummy time, though. I'm hoping his desire to be in on the action will mean he crawls and walks a LOT earlier than his siblings (not that I'm wishing for mobility any time soon, but Jacob didn't crawl until EIGHT MONTHS and it was 15+ months before either of them walked!). We shall see! It's so much fun to watch him "unfold". What a delightful blessing from the Lord!!

By the way Grandpa & Grandma...Jacob wasn't very happy when he got off the bus and found out you weren't here! :)

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