Friday, February 11, 2011

Incredible Pizza Fun!!

Since Binga got out of the hospital and was deemed fit for company, the kids and I loaded up and made the trip! Just what the doctor ordered!!

And what's a trip to Binga's house without a trip to Incredible Pizza?!

Jacob loved bowling! He actually did pretty good...scored a 65! :)

Not a good picture, but Anna is now tall enough to ride the bumper cars!! Her arms are barely long enough to reach the control sticks, though! She had to streeeetch.

And Jacob is tall enough now to ride the go-karts!! He not-so-patiently waited his turn.

He loved it! He did NOT want to get out. Anybody surprised?

As if all the games and pizza weren't enough to entice Jacob to love this place, they have this beauty sitting just inside the doorway! :)

Hopefully tomorrow we can convince the kids to go play in all the snow Papa has been saving up for them on the back deck! So far they've said it's too cold. Whimps!! ;)

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