Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's DATE!!!

I have no pictures (listen, I'm lucky we got out the door!), but we DID go on a date! With NO kids...not even Isaac! Addie & Seth were so great to babysit all three kids for us. I did miss my baby before we got home, though! And Aaron was sick again this year. What are the chances?? Aaron made reservations for us at a great Italian grill in Hutch-Jillian's. It was so delicious. Honestly the best fettucini alfredo I've ever had. If you live around here...GO! The prices are reasonable and the food is great. And I had tiramisu for dessert. Oh. My. Goodness. I was so stuffed! And it was really nice to have a meal with no mouths to wipe, no cries to answer, and no spills to clean up! Life has changed from our first few Valentine's dates...this one included grocery shopping, pumping, and discussions of "goin' parkin'" NAP! HA!!!! Regardless, it was delightful to spend time alone with my man. And now a cheesy...what are these called??
V-valiant...he is truly my knight in shining armor and I don't tell him enough.
A-absolute goofball...he's goofy and the kids love it. I shouldn't let it get on my nerves like I do. He keeps life entertaining, to say the least!
L-love...he shows each and every one of us love in so many ways every day.
E-energizer bunny...I have NO idea how he does all that he does. He just keeps going and going.
N-new every morning...he reminds me that God's mercies are new every morning and so is his forgiveness and love. No matter how many times I mess up.
T-totally hot...sorry, but he is! ;)
I-in love...with me, with his kids, with his Savior. generic, but seriously the man is just plain nice. Everybody likes Aaron. When he says "well, they've always been nice to be." I just laugh and ask him who's NOT nice to him?!
E-endless passion for sports :) (come one...vowels are hard to come up with!!)

Nine years of Valentine's Dates...time flies! I love you, Aaron.


Teri said...

Whoo hoo, gotta love a date night!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will have to admit that from watching Martha Stewart with him for 3 hours one night before him asking the big question, to grow into a fine son in law who has blended in with our family so well, I am honored to have him as part of our family...
P.S. he isn't the only one on that date who was hot. Can a dad say that?