Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life is Going too Quickly!

Things have been so, so busy! I can't believe it's the end of February already. I found these pictures on my phone and realized I hadn't posted any of them (my computer is officially dead. I'm hoping Dad can work his magic and get my pictures off it. So until we can buy a new one, you'll only get cell phone pictures.). For SHAME!!

We had to go back home for a funeral (so sad...I'm working on a post about it). This swing must be about 30 years old! Aunt Cara has been so good about keeping things from when TJ was a baby. It's an old crank swing! Isaac loved it. He loves to swing. If you ever feel the need to buy him something, get him D batteries!! :)

It was so good to see family. Grandpa Elmer lovin' on Isaac. :) It never fails to make my heart swell when I see my grandparents enjoying my children. What joy!

I can't WAIT for Isaac to be big enough to play with Jacob. They will have so much fun together!

Anna is such a good big sister. And she is SUCH a good reader!! She inherited my love of books and she's trying her hardest to pass it on to her brothers!

We had a few mild, warmer days last week so the kids and I made sure to get out and enjoy them! Isaac loves anywhere as long as he can sit up and watch all the action. (I'm pretty sure his eyes are going to be brown...)

His first SC basketball game! It gets quite loud in there, so I was sure he would get startled and scared by it all. He LOVED it! He just sat there and watched very intently. It's too loud for Jacob so he spends most of the game in our friend's office (which has satellite TV...we love Luke!).

I don't think I posted this one. We had just gotten back from Iowa and it was SO nice that the kids just wanted to stay outside and play. So I found Jacob's baby stocking hat and Isaac got to enjoy the weather, too. I love this's so "Isaac"!

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