Saturday, March 12, 2011

FOUR months already!!!

He's pretty good at sucking on his fingers.

Even four of them at once! :)

A little early...Tuesday Isaac will be 4 months old! I forget how quickly time goes by, especially when they're babies.
Isaac, you are such a delightful baby! You smile, giggle, and talk, talk, talk! I believe you will be giving big sister a run for her money in that department!! At your cardiology appointment, you weighed 15 pounds! That's a 3 pound gain in 2 months. And you're 26" tall now! That's almost 2" you grew. You never, ever sit still. And if I don't swaddle you up tight for sleeping, you wake yourself up with flailing limbs. The last couple of weeks you've started to realize your hands are your own! :) You can grab a toy & put it in your mouth (what else?!). You really like your carseat toy. When you wake up, instead of crying you just start playing with your toy.
I still can't get you to go more than 3 hours between eating! I think it's because you move so much, you really work up an appetite! My only complaint is that you decided a couple weeks ago to stop sleeping so well at night. :( Please can you go back to sleeping all night?? Mama needs her sleep, Bubba!
I think you might be the most-loved little brother there is! Anna is very good with you. She can make you stop crying in an instant! You're getting close to being too big for her to carry you, though. Jacob really wants to play with you, so I know he'll be ecstatic when you're big enough to actually play!!
You do NOT like to lay down, even when you're tired. You would much rather stand up or sit up. For about a month now you can sit up in the corner of the couch or chair all on your own! You even try to pull yourself up farther if you think you're laying back too much. I don't remember Anna or Jacob being this active so early. I have a feeling you'll be crawling & walking long before the others did! I think Daddy went from crawling to running...will you follow in his footsteps??
Just tonight I think I can see two white spots on your bottom gums!! You've been drooling for weeks and recently have really started chewing on your hands. Whether your teeth appear right away or wait for 2 more months (like sis & brother did), we shall see!
Isaac Jayden, you are the perfect addition to our family. We can't wait to watch you grow & learn & do! We love you I-Z :)

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Jaime said...

Wow, I think he look so much like Anna!

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