Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heart Checkup *UPDATED

Isaac's follow up with his cardiologist is tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. I covet any & all prayers! I have faith that everything is continuing to improve, but my "mommy mind" runs wild sometimes, reading into things and just worrying.


All the problems except the hole in his heart have completely resoved themselves! Praise God!! And even the hole is smaller still than it was 3 months ago. There was a new "problem" that he saw this time. Isaac's PDA (an artery that is needed in the womb and should close off by 2 weeks of age) is still opening and closing. Dr. Mo wasn't concerned much about it. He said, "Let's give him 6 more months and see if he outgrows them." So good news! Even if the hole isn't gone in 6 months, I would assume he will still say to give it more time. At the last appointment, he said it can take up to 5 years for kids to outgrow these problems. Thank YOU for praying!! We serve such a mighty God.

Someone asked me recently if I could remember a time when Isaac wasn't part of our family. Obviously, I do but I know what she meant by it. He is such a blessing! His laid back personality is a delight. He lights up the room with his precious baby smile & warms my heart with his antics (yes, already!) and the intent way he watches his sister & brother. I may remember life without Isaac, but I can't imagine our family without Isaac. He's a perfect addition! :) And he's growing & changing far too quickly!!!

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D said...

Praying for you!!! So glad God has given you this little one to cherish and so thankful for God's faithfulness!!!