Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Big O-N-E!

 Today, my baby turned one. ONE, people!! It's just not possible that it's been an entire year already.

 He's still this little, right??

Isaac Jayden (you get called that a bit more often these days......),
You are an absolute treasure!! Your personality is so fun, yet can be so serious. You observe...a lot. But at the same time, you're always there in the middle of all the action. Story of your life already! You talk quite a bit. You can say draw (druh) and desk (deh). Yes is VERY clear (and it's often said in questioning reply to my NO!). What a stinker you are! The other day, you crawled over to a desk Daddy had pulled into the TV room and said "Deh? Deh?!" So I put you up in the chair, gave you a piece of paper and a pencil and you said "Druh!!!" You LOVE to sit and scribble. There's no use trying to keep you in the sling while I teach school-even if both desks are full, you want down so you can draw! 
You are the fastest little crawler I have ever seen!!! My goodness you've got that snake/army slither/crawl down pat and you MOVE! You still don't crawl on your hands and knees very often. No walking yet, but you like to push your Thomas toy around. You think you're pretty big stuff when you do that! :)
Your sleep is the bane of my existence! Your nights are much better (I say this as you are in your crib crying instead of sleeping!), but your days? Not so much. As crazy as it is to me, there are days when you flat-out refuse to nap. It's partly my fault for not keeping you on a better schedule, but that gets a little tricky when some days are like today with all kinds of things going on here, there, and everywhere. Even with all that, you're still a pretty happy little guy.
I decided to make a special treat for your birthday today, even though we're celebrating your birthday in a couple weeks with extended family. I tried my hand at cake pops (seriously, these are not decorated...they're dipped in frosting!). I've got some practicing to do, but you didn't care what they looked like! :)

 Mama,what is this?? It doesn't look like my regular breakfast...

 It's so...GREEN. What are you tryin' to feed me??

 Are you sure it's good Anna?? I don't know.....

Hey, it's a treat! You're the best, Mama!!!!

Isaac, we love you more than words can express! I love how you scrunch up your nose when you're trying to be cute (as if you're not always cute! duh.). I love how you adore your brother and sister. I love how you launch yourself at Daddy when he comes home from work! I just love YOU! And I praise God that He put you in our family!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! Happy Birthday to Isaac! Sorry it's late ...
We are all sick here but hoping that we can still celebrate Thanksgiving in Korea.
Love to all.