Saturday, November 5, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

 It's been a couple years since we had family pictures taken. Since Aaron was coming up to Iowa for a weekend and the fall colors up there were perfect, I decided to have Dad take some Saturday afternoon. There's a great park close to their house that has a small pond and perfect scenery. Anna wasn't very cooperative, but we got a couple of good ones.

 Jacob was very willing! What a handsome boy!!

 My boys! Isaac had some crazy hair that I could NOT get to lay down. And he wasn't very smiley either. Stinker.

 I am SO blessed!!

 This isn't a good picture, but I love Isaac's face! 

 This was 5 seconds before Anna let go of Isaac and he fell off the bench! Amazingly enough, he managed to catch himself with his arms, so his face didn't even touch the cement. My heart skipped a few beats!

 Of course, AFTER we finished taking pictures (Isaac was DONE and ready to eat), Anna was ready to pose and smile!

10 years (of being together) and 3 kids we are! :) Still alive and loving each other ;)

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the beautiful faces and the wonderful fall colors! Congrats for the 10years ... it seems you were implying that you almost killed each other at some point he he :-).
I know, marriage and parenting are hard work! No kidding! But what a blessing also! Can't believe what Jacob did to Anna! That boy! Love Isaac's sugar!
Anniversary is coming up and it seems the hubby is planning on something ... maybe eating some kimchi in a famous Korean restaurant :-) Love to all!