Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Fieldtrip!

 Since the opportunities are vast, I decided to take advantage and have our first fieldtrip while we were in Iowa! There were many to choose from (although I was really sad to find out that we had missed Living History Farms by a week!), but I decided to do the Science Center of Iowa. Anna really likes science, so I figured they would enjoy this. I debated about going to an IMAX film, too but decided the day would be long enough for all of us (especially Isaac!) just doing the Science Center.

 We left around 10am and the first thing we see when we get inside is a place perfect for all three kids! Isaac had as much fun as the big kids!

 There was a great conveyer belt system and produce stand that Anna and Jacob loved playing with. (I hate that I just ended that sentence with a preposition!)

 Up, up, up they go!

 Anna loved sorting all the fruits and vegetables. She got a little math lesson in, too since each produce item had a price! :)

 Papa took an early (and long) lunch and joined us for a couple hours (that's who Isaac is looking at).

 There was even a bubble room!!

 This was Anna's 2nd favorite thing of the day. It was a system of water wheels. You were supposed to use the blocks to direct the flow of water toward the wheels and see how much electricity you could generate (there was a board that displayed the amount of power for each wheel). I don't think Anna really understood the concept of water flow, but she caught on to how I was using the blocks to direct the water flow. She had fun!

 Anna and I built this arc! 

 Isaac had fun exploring, too!

 This was Anna's favorite part of the whole place! There were plastic balls that you put in the baskets and they would shoot up and through and around. It was very interactive and the kids would have stayed there all day and played!

 Isaac liked the train table!

 He could barely reach, but that didn't stop him!

 We packed a picnic lunch (except it was much too cold to have an outside picnic!).

 Isaac did so good. He slept some of the time, but he was happy to ride around in the stroller and crawl around and play, too. Such a good boy!

 Every 30 minutes, there were presentations on different topics. We hit the chemistry session! Anna was excited that she knew what the lady was presenting (states of matter) since we had already studied that! She also got to volunteer and be a helper! cute are those safety glasses?! The experiment she helped with was changing a liquid to a solid. I was so surprised...I really didn't think she would want to stick her hand in the liquid and reach for the goo!

 But she dove right in and loved it!

Jacob got to volunteer, too! He was hilarious and those safety glasses just would not stay on his big ol' noggin. I'll have to upload the video of his experiment...

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