Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Things He Says

 It's been a while since I posted one of these...not because there's been a lack of his "sayings"! I was telling a friend about a Jacob story and she said "You need to write that down somewhere!"
So here it is...

 Not that this sweet, precious little boy would do anything naughty!
Alright, last month when Uncle Windell visited, Anna and Jacob shared the bunk bed in Jacob's room. It was the first night and Jacob said he wanted to snuggle with Anna. She agreed so they both climbed into the top bunk. I turned the light off and left. At least an hour went by when all of the sudden I hear a blood-curdling scream coming from Jacob's room. I run back there and Anna is screaming and crying, saying Jacob kicked her in the face. I turned the light on (I admit it...Anna has a flair for dramatics, so I wasn't expecting a big deal) and see blood literally running down her face! I asked again what happened, then I asked Jacob if he did and he said yes. I pulled him out of the top bunk, *panked him, and put him on his bed. After cleaning Anna up and getting her calm, I talked to Jacob. This is what he told me when I asked why he kicked Anna, exactly:

I wanted to give Anna a suh-pwize but I didn't have a toy ohw a tuffed animal, so I dave her a tick in da mouff...

Like dis!

I made him repeat his answer 3 times and that's exactly what he said every time!! I didn't know what to say. Seriously??? They do play this game, where they'll give each other "surprises"--they go get a toy, wrap it up in a blanket and there's the surprise. Now, why on earth he thought 1) it was something to do when he should have been sleeping; 2) it was a good idea to give his sister a kick in the face since he didn't have a BEYOND ME!! I still can't figure it out. And he's sticking to his story a month later. He just told the ladies at Aaron's office that story yesterday. Anna had a huge fat lip for a day. She woke up in the middle of the night, thirsty, and her poor lip was so swollen! The lasting effect from the kick is a loose tooth! I think that one will be the third one that falls out

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