Friday, October 28, 2011

11 Months

 Once again, I can't believe Isaac is another month closer to ONE already! He keeps me busy, that's for sure...

 Buddy, your big brown eyes melt my heart!

 You're quite opinionated. You come by it naturally, I suppose!

 You're also very photogenic. Thus all the pictures! :)

 You started jabbering a LOT the last couple weeks. Almost constantly. You say yes very clearly. You can also say Jacob, Anna, Mama (sometimes Mom), Dada, Papa, down, done. All of these words are surrounded by a slew of jabbering! You already talk in complete sentences, we just can't understand it all.

 Your eating is probably about normal for an 11-month old, but I only have Jacob to compare you in that case, you don't eat much at all!! Your sleeping has gotten much better (except for this last week...I think teeth are coming in) at night. Naps are still hit and miss. Either way, you're still a pretty happy little guy!

 We spent the last 2 weeks at Papa & Binga's house. You are officially Papa's boy! You get mad when he leaves for work and pretty much as soon as he walks in the door, you're grunting for him to pick you up!

 You're still not walking, but you'll stand by yourself for a few seconds if you're not paying attention. You cruise along furniture very easily. 

 You still only have 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom). Last time you were at the doctor (you got bronchitis this month) you still weighed 20 lbs. You move too much to gain weight!! You also got your fist haircut today (10/29)! I trimmed it up so you don't have a mullet anymore!

 I can't believe I caught a sneeze on camera! Too funny. Isaac, you keep life interesting and you wear me out! I wish you would just sit still for a few minutes once in a while! :)

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to get enough sugar from Isaac! The boys thought he looks so cute even when he sneezes!