Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jacob's Very Own Room!

Finally got another room decorated (for the most part...are you noticing a theme??)

I'll give you three guesses whose room this is...and the first 2 don't count! ;) Once again, Mom and Dad made some awesome garage sale finds for me! (the decal, for one)

I didn't take any before pictures of Jacob's room...I should have. We painted it, with John Deere colors of course! I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a way to paint it those colors without doing the entire walls yellow/green. Thankfully I found this idea online (the stripes). I found the fabric for the curtains at Hobby Lobby. The toy box and stickers, a garage sale find (as well as the pictures...more on those later)!

 The top bunk has become the stuffed animals' bed :) I need to get some paper and re-do Jacob's name, but I wanted to get it hung up.

 Have to get the black & white collage up! Bookshelf-garage sale. Tool bench-given to Jacob by a neighbor. The roller cabinet thing is where his train stuff is kept. The little peg hanging thing is that picture of the two little farmer boys that says "Been farmin' long?" :)

 The birth announcement plate my aunt & uncle got for Jacob (it has his birth date, weight, time, etc "hidden" throughout the nursery room scene). Love it!

 Closet door to the right, with another decal Mom found.

 No truer words were ever spoken, as far as Jacob is concerned! ;)

 When I saw this at Kris's booth, I had to get it for Jacob's room. Talk about perfect!!

Another great garage sale find! I can't remember who the artist is, but Mom found these 2 prints. Perfect for my little farmer boy! :)
Next up, the kids' bathroom before pictures!

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