Sunday, October 9, 2011


I'm feeling beyond blessed tonight (well...this morning). Many reasons. Jacob woke up (scared me half to death) so I took him back to bed where he, of course, requested to play with my hair. I obliged (I'm not sure there's much sweeter than feeling those chubby little hands run through my hair!) but Isaac was screaming and had been for a long time. So when I thought Jacob was asleep, I slipped out of bed. But I knocked my knee of the wood floor and woke him up. I told him I had to take care of Isaac and would be back. I got some cuddle time in with my baby and went back to check on Jacob. He wasn't in his bed so I checked Anna's room. There they were, snuggled up sound asleep and Jacob had his hand in Anna's hair.

I'm beyond blessed to see those two so close, the best of friends.
I'm beyond blessed to have a sweet baby (who is growing too quickly!) that loves to cuddle.

Sometimes I look around our house and it just feels surreal that it's ours. So many people have said something along the lines of "You guys really deserve this!" And part of me agrees wholeheartedly that YES! We DESERVE this house...we waited a long time and we worked really hard to get out of debt so we could afford another house and etc etc etc. But really? We don't deserve anything. But God, in His grace and mercy and love, blessed us with this new house. And I pray that we will use this blessing to bring glory to Him, to spread His love, to be a haven to those He puts in our path.

I'm beyond blessed (those are only a few of the reasons I'm blessed! I could go on and on...). And it's only by God's grace, mercy, and love that I am beyond blessed.

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