Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kids' Bathroom: Before

I say this a before photo because I think this weekend we're going to put tile down. Lucky for us, the previous owners left plenty of extra tile from the master bathroom! So it will be a fairly inexpensive re-do!! The only thing I've done to it is add the shower curtain and rug. I think I'll also get new knobs for the drawers.

 Mom has the coolest fishy bathroom and the kids just love it, so I decided to go with a fishy fishy theme :) No wall decor...not sure if I'll do anything or not.

 This cute decal was already here. I love this vanity because it's the perfect height for kids, but there's still the mirror above the sink that's tall enough for adults.

 It's a very small bathroom, but since it's not the only one...I don't care! ;) There's a floor to ceiling storage cabinet behind the door that holds a ridiculous amount of blankets and towels.

This little guy is a stinker! He loves playing in the bathroom, which usually amounts to a) trying to get into the toilet (GROSS!) b) trying to dump out any soap bottle he can grab, or c) trying to get in the tub! Speaking of which, I think he's eating a stick right now so I better go! Hopefully by next week I'll have the after pictures, as well as the cloffice pictures!!

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