Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Paradise Part II

Many more pictures. These are all from our first day at Bellows Beach (and on the way there).

 There was a huge Banyan tree outside the hotel where Grandma & Grandpa stayed. As you can tell by Anna and Isaac's paleness, we hadn't been in Hawaii very long. Jacob's paleness didn't change, even after 2 weeks there!

 Aunt Cara-we walked right by the hotel where you guys stayed on our way to and from the marathon finish line. I had to snap a picture. :)


The next pictures are from our drive to Bellows. We took the scenic route and believe me, there were a lot of gorgeous scenes to take in!

 The Chinaman's Hat from a different vantage point.

 To the far left, you can barely make out the Chinaman's Hat. (this was our view from our spot on the beach all week)

 This was our spot on the beach for the week.


The Wave Crasher

 Can you see Jacob's head? He had so much fun!!

 The brothers, reliving memories.

 He disappeared again!

 Not to worry....he's still okay! :)

 There he goes again!

 These pictures probably make it seem like a long time between, but my camera has the continuous, rapid shooting mode (can't think of the actual term...), so these are all within like 5-10 seconds of each other.

 Toby and Jacob, playing who-knows-what, one morning outside our condos.

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