Sunday, December 29, 2013

Paradise Part IV

These are from the first few days we were in Hawaii, hanging out at Erick & Jicks' and at the marathon.

He's still allergic to mosquito bites!

 Shootin' the breeze on the lanai :)

 Killing flies for Aunt Jicks. 

 And rubber frogs! haha

 He was commanding Aaron around yelling, "March! March! March!"

 Anna waited right here for Daddy to cross the finish line (which was quite a ways from where we were able to find a spot).

 We packed a backpack full of water and snacks. Which was a good thing because we ended up not only walking for about 30 minutes, but also waiting for them to finish for more than 30 minutes. It's amazing how hungry kids get when they're bored! ;)

 I used my telephoto lens to get some shots before he got very close to us, so he hadn't seen us yet in these next several pictures.

 The finishers! They finished in around 5 hours. Aaron had his busiest season at work the 2 months prior to our trip, so he had a hard time fitting in marathon training. But he still did great! I'm so proud of him.

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