Sunday, December 29, 2013

Paradise Part III

A WHOLE bunch of pictures from Bellows Beach...

 The kitchen in our condo (the front door is right of the refrigerator).

 Living room and patio. The couch pulls out into a bed, so the condo sleeps 6 people.

 "Master" bedroom

 Second bedroom. There is a bathroom in-between the bedrooms.

 The view from our patio (no zoom used)

 Just across the way was Grandpa & Grandma's cabin.

 We went sand crabbing the 2nd night at Bellows. Jacob was completely freaked out by them. They are tiny white crabs and they don't really pinch or anything, but Jacob does not like bugs of any kind so I shouldn't have been surprised. He was petrified of them!! It took 2 days before he would get back on the beach and really play!

 Isaac was not scared at all. Of course!

 Grandma was trying to distract him with the stars, but he wasn't buying it. He kept his eyes on the sand! 

 This is a Portuguese Man-of-War. I believe it's in the jellyfish family and has a very long tentacle (not seen in this picture) that will wrap around your arm or leg and sting. It's not nearly as painful as a jellyfish sting, but some people can react badly to the stings (like they can to bee stings). We saw a few while we were on the beach, but we didn't get stung. John got one on his foot, but it didn't cause much harm.

First attempt at a grandchildren picture...

 Grandpa! Stop talking!

 John and Isaac, look at the camera! No squinting! Even though the sun in right in their eyes! ha

 That's pretty good. Let's try a couple more just to be sure...

 John! Stand up! Isaac, look at Mama! Hey!! Where's Toby?!?

 Jacob! Get back here! WHERE is Toby?!

 Anna Rose! Where do you think you're going?! 

 Well, it looks like that one will have to be good enough!

 Maybe a change of scenery will put the kids in the picture-taking mood....

Yeah, probably not! HA!!

 Maybe one of Grandpa's stories will get them in the mood...

 Grandpa!! Look at the camera!


 Oh boy...this isn't going so well.........

John: Is this really worth the ice cream??

 Everybody say ICE CREAM!!

Yeah, they're at their limit....let's call it good!
Next up, our family pictures on the beach...the day after sand crabbing completely freaked Jacob out. That went well. Or not...

 He was having NONE of being on the sand!

 Christmas card worthy! :)


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