Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby proof

Oh no...he's discovered the computer! And he is excited--especially by the lights. Anna never bothered the computer, so we never did anything to "baby proof" it. I think we'll have to do something this time around!!
HAHAHAHAHA (a face like that can only mean one thing--TROUBLE!)

"Yea for me! I found something FUN!"

Slowly making progress on the new patio. The kids "help"...actually, Anna does a pretty good job. She's content to just sit nearby and play. She even carried bricks to me!

This is how we make sure Jacob gets enough iron in his diet...give him a chisel!
I'M KIDDING! (not about that being a is)

He thinks he's hot stuff now that he can stand up by himself in the tub. He can pull himself up in his crib, too. I told Aaron we better get his mattress moved down another notch. I hope he's not a climber like his daddy was (oh that I could be so lucky!)...

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Tim and Eliana said...

That is really funny that he is after the computer. My moms computer has a restart button on the front of it, and it is lit up when the computer is on (I think its blue). Kids love to push that button!