Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The stats

It's official...he's still big :) And the doctor said he's working on at least 2 more teeth (wonderful...he got 3 in at once last time and worked on them for 2 months!!). I didn't mention that he's been eating table food for a couple of months already. He just refused to eat the baby food anymore, and the only table food he'd had up to then was just crackers so I don't know why he quit eating the baby food. "Healthy as a horse" he said. Pretty fitting analogy, I'd say! I put an 18 month romper outfit on him this morning--it was too short!!! He's also behind on his immunizations, so he had to get shots today (normally they don't have any at 9 months). When I told Anna last night that Jacob had to go to the doctor and get shots, she got pretty upset. "Dat's MY brudder!!!". I explained to her why he had to get shots, and then she was okay with it. But then when he started crying, she started getting upset again and told the nurses "Hey! Dat's MY brudder!!" Too precious. We're all good now :) Jacob took a couple of fairly decent naps this afternoon and pretty soon we'll head up to watch Daddy play softball.

Oh, so here's his "stats"...

Height: 29 1/2" -- 90th percentile
Weight: 25 1/2 lbs. -- 92nd percentile
Head: 19" (his head didn't grow as much as the rest of him, which is fine b/c he had a big head before!)

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