Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mom Update

Here's the latest from Dad...

She was determined to get back down to see Hudson James and we did. Although Friday night she started with nausea/migraine and wouldn't quit so went the ER to get a shot. After hour and half we started back to Jamie's and she said it was like she wanted to jump out of her skin. Got home, talked to Jamie and decided to go back, it was unbearable. After another 4 hours and trying three different drugs, we went home and she passed most of the night. (she has taken the same meds for migraine and nausea before and never reacted like this, but nothing is normal anymore) So we almost went back home but in the morning she felt better so on to the party at Jenni's! Had a good time seeing everyone there. Got home Sunday night and she threw up again and nausea. Monday took her to appointment with thyroid doctor and then came here to Mayo. Will see doctor at 2 on Tuesday and away we go....... wonder if they have a roller coaster at Mayo.... We sense lots of prayers going on.... CS

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