Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mom Update

Another good report!!! :-)

Her hard work paid off as she did pretty well this last weekend. Was totally drained when we got home Sunday night but slept well that night too. We talked on way home that it must be about 5 months since we had made any trips at all, so was good to "get out". The folks' 60th anniversary went very well, everyone had a good time.
Jenni, Anna and Jacob came back with us. Some of you were laughing at my story about the powered cart, but yesterday the gals and Anna and Jacob went to a store where there were these powered things and Anna and Nona were driving it (glad I wasn't around) and went into the clothing department and Nona claims that Anna pushed on the gas at the wrong time and they knocked over whole rack of clothes. And you thought I was kidding about the wheely.... (he's not kidding either. Jacob & I were off in another isle and come back to tell her what I'd found and see an entire rack of clothes on the floor--like the arm thing was completely off--there was no fixing it!! And as we left the store, Anna says "I really like those carts Mama!!!" uh oh...)

Still on for Mayo, it is coming fast now. Pray for wisdom for doctors and for Nona as she is not looking forward to more tests - don't blame her. Still doing the IV at home so will be taking that with us. Thanks for all the kind words and prayers. Cecil


Tim and Eliana said...

who knew you could have so much fun on an electric cart! That must have been quite a ride going through that rack of clothes... I wonder if they have any security video of that?

Jenn said...

HA! wouldn't that be great if they did?! that's funny. i really do wish i could've seen them!
ps-thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

Jaime said...

That is so funny!

Thanks for the advice on the diaper rash! It just won't go away. At least she doesn't act like it's bothering her! :)