Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Corn, anyone?

These are from several weeks ago. Last time Papa & Binga were here, they brought Iowa sweet corn! YUMMY!!!

Papa also fixed our dishwasher. Phew!! Of course, Anna "helped".

Mama...LOOK at all dis corn!

Look at the wheels bending! haha And there's not a whole lot left! It is so good. And my kids absolutely love it.

Jacob was being quite silly at breakfast one morning. He preferred eating a plastic lemon over his cereal, I guess. And wearing a rag on his head.

He wasn't the only one being silly!
Next I'll post a picture from this weekend (yeah, only one. Good grief!). Grandpa & Grandma came and the boys worked on a project. :)

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Schenk Family said...

I love all the pictures and the corn looks yummy.