Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Preschooler

Anna's first day of preschool was Monday. I was nervous about the early start! My kids routinely sleep until 8 or 9 (sometimes even later). So having to be AT preschool at 8 meant leaving at 7:50. Which meant getting her up at 7:15 (which meant Mommy getting up WAY TOO EARLY! haha). In my defense, I work online (not blogging...an actual job thank-you-very-much) til midnight so those early mornings are rough! :) Anyway, Anna did great Monday morning! After I finally got her to open her eyes, she popped right out of bed and headed for breakfast! She'd picked out a new outfit for her first day and couldn't wait to wear it. "My teacher will looove my new clothes, Mama."

I even had enough time to take a picture (and video!) before we had to leave! Jacob slept through it all, so Daddy stayed home with him while I took Anna to school. I was nervous how it would go because all evening/night Sunday, she kept saying she didn't want to go to preschool. I knew she would love it, but I think she was just nervous about starting something new. I told her she had to try it for a couple of days and if she didn't like it, she didn't have to keep going. To say she loved it would be an understatement!!

Anna and Mrs. Z (and Mitzi...she couldn't get her to go away!). Anna is going to love Mrs. Z and school! This preschool isn't part of the school district. It's actually about 3.5 miles outside of town. This couple has an actual school house on their property. I think she used to teach kids out there up to 4th grade, but retired a while back from that. Her daughter (who goes to our church) talked her into un-retiring to teach her last grandchild to read--since she's taught all her others to (talk about guilt!). I think Mrs. Z was more than happy to un-retire! There are only 5 students and Anna was the lucky 5th one Mrs. Z agreed to add!!

Anna at her desk!! They each have a desk like this, their own computers (reeeeeealy old ones, but who cares?! They're all so excited to have their OWN computer!), and a white board table. Anna marched right in, took her shoes off (the grass was still wet and she hates having wet, grassy feet/shoes!) and went right to her desk and starting coloring!
When I picked her up 2 hrs. later, she talked for at least 30 minutes, non-stop! We had to call Papa, Binga, and Grandpa & Grandma. We had to wait til lunch time to tell Daddy all about it. I'm quite certain she'll be reading by Christmas. She is so ready to go! :)
I honestly didn't have a hard time with this day! I really don't get very emotional about this kind of thing unless hormones are high (like the first time she held Jacob! Which I don't even remember crying about, but Aaron says I did.). Plus the morning was so busy with taking Jacob to his 2 yr. checkup and barely getting out of there in time to go pick her up! The 2 hrs. goes by pretty quickly (for all of us I think!). I was afraid this would seem like a huge time commitment that I wasn't ready for, but I think it will be good. She's really loving it (all 2 days!). And we'll just pretend that we did NOT oversleep on her SECOND DAY of school and wound up being 10 min. late!!! I'd never do anything like that! Sounds like a "Not Me Monday" post!
And here's the super cute video of the school girl :)


Just a little bit excited. Too much excited.

When I asked her if she was going to have fun:

Swim in da pool!!!!

Mrs. Z has an awesome pool behind her house and invited the moms to take their kids swimming any time after school. Of course, it hasn't been above 65 any morning so far this week. Luckily Anna was too distracted by the actual school part to remember the pool!

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Staci said...

Wow! She gets to go to Mrs. Z's school! She's lucky!!!