Monday, August 31, 2009

My Birthday Boy!

Jacob, I can't believe it's been TWO years since this day...

You were a BIG baby...and you've stayed a BIG boy!

On that very first day, Anna fell in love with you. She's been your companion and protector since! (you're only about 3 weeks old in this picture!)

People told me when I had Anna "You'll forget how little they are!" and I just thought that was crazy!! But when I had you, even though you were a big baby, I had forgotten how little babies are! You loved cuddling (still do sometimes!) and were such a good baby! Unless you were hungry...that hasn't changed! :)

Sleep is one of the few times when you are completely still! I love your cheeks.

You are so full of energy. And you are 100% BOY!!! Once you finally started walking, there was no turning back. You do things in your own time and no one, no matter what bribe they offer, can get you to do it faster! You wear me out Bubba!

You still love wheels! You got so excited to see a fire truck under the wrapping! Such joy. Your face is very expressive. And you have the Nuckolls eyebrow look down pat!

Daddy wasn't nearly quick enough at getting that truck OUT for you!

Sheer happiness!

Seriously Dad? I don't care about the card!! Lemme at that package!

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

You freely give hugs and kisses. You bring much joy to your great-grandparents!

THE train! You love this thing! We're going to have to move it off the front porch can be heard blocks away! :) You surprised everyone by never trying to touch the train. You were happy as a lark to squat and watch it go 'round and 'round!

Deciding what cake to make you this year was a piece of cake (no pun intended!). Wheels!!! I think this just might have been the easiest cake I've made so far (except for the black frosting!!!).

You weren't sure why everyone was singing to you, but you tried to blow out your candles!

Ooohhhh! Frosting on my finger!!

You were delighted when you discovered that a CAR was on your plate!!

To say you enjoyed your cake would be an understatement!! I thought your teeth would be black for weeks (I'll never make something with black frosting again! What a mess!)
Jacob, you bring so much joy and frustration to our lives! I treasure those precious moments you give me every day...a sweet smile, an unexpected cuddle, a kiss. You are crazy ornery though!! You still won't say Mama when I ask you say Dada instead! You still don't talk very much, but then you've got a big sister that does it for you. And you're pretty stinkin' stubborn. Like I do things in your own time! :) You weigh 30 lbs. already! And you're already 3 feet tall! There's an old wives' tale that says double your height at age 2 and that's how tall you'll be...that means 6' for you! :)
Some days I can't wait for you to start talking so I can know what's going on in that head of yours! These days, you say Mama a lot, but it's almost always "Maaa-ma!" as if you're indignant that something hasn't gone your way and it's my fault!
You can sit and play for a long time if you've got the right toys (cars, tractors...anything with wheels!). But if you get bored or get in trouble!
Some day you will be Anna's protector and she's lucky for that! But for now, you're content to let her "mother" you. For the most part! I can't wait to keep watching your relationship grow and change.
Daddy & I are blessed over and over by the honor of being your parents! We pray that you some day come to know Christ as your Savior and grow up honoring Him with your life. We can't wait to see what He has in store for you, Jacob! We love you more than you can know (even when you drive me to the crazy house!). Happy 2nd birthday!!!

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Anonymous said...

I still remember seeing him for the first time and seeing all that red hair!! What a precious little "shadow" he is to me!