Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Fair!

While in Iowa, we were able to go to the state fair. Anna was SO excited when she found out we were going to another fair! We didn't tell her until we got to the bus stop. You can park at the capitol free and ride a bus to the fairgrounds. She sounded out (with a bit of help) the big sign that said STATE FAIR and if she could have, she would have done cartwheels! And not only did she get to go to another fair, she got to ride a bus! And not a school bus (not that she's ever ridden one of those either)...a town bus!

She just sat and took it all in.

Oooooo...a BUS!

He, of course, wanted to get down and run around. Never mind that the bus was packed and those drivers are cuh-RAZY! So I sang "The Wheels on the Bus" to keep him somewhat pacified! He liked spinning his imaginary wheel:)

This was his favorite ride. Okay, he was only tall enough for 2 rides! But I was surprised he liked it. Actually, he wasn't technically tall enough for this one, but the worker didn't say anything! This thing went WAY up high and I was a little nervous he would freak out and try to get out.

He loved it!! He just peeked out the little window and waved, in between steering and all, ya know.

Hi Papa!

Anna got to ride a few more rides. She loved them all :)

This was the other ride Jacob was able to go on. He hated it. Hated it! Can you tell??

Oh, all these cars? They're just from the workers at the fair!

This is Mid-American's windmill (that's the parent company Dad works for now). It provides 1/3 of the power for the fair. It's a huge fair.

Anna and Papa rode the Farris wheel. She loves the Farris wheel. Jacob hates it.

Mom and I rode this thing. It was fun! :) And a lot louder and faster than I remember!

There's a calf right behind Jacob. You think he wanted to pet it? No, no. He's eyeing the BIG cows. I'm not even kidding. 2 seconds after I took this picture, he headed right for the big ol' cows!

Now that's one cute cow!

That's the cutest moon I've ever seen!!

Now guess what he's spotted...a TRACTOR! stinks in here!

Again with the big animals! We had to keep his stroller away from the pens.

Papa got a little too close to the turkey for Anna's comfort! She bailed out of the stroller.

Those antlers...15 weeks' worth of growth. Seriously! (That's an elk, by the way)

He was a tired boy...the fair wore him out! :)

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