Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I've Got a Lot of Catching Up to Do!

Here's your grandkid fix Binga! :)
We're back. It's good to be home! We had a lot of fun, but I've got a lot of catching up to do (hence the title. duh)! When we got back from Iowa the end of July, I could NOT believe how huge everything in the garden was. Tomato plants? CRAZY huge with well over 100 tomatoes between the two! The zucchini plant? Leaves much bigger than Jacob's big noggin'! Peppers, green beans, cilantro, zucchini...out the ears! The kids love playing in the garden. After a few times, Jacob quit pulling on the green onions and just dug in the dirt. Who knows what all games Anna was making up for them to play!

Jacob, hidden by a huge tomato plant. (We had to get the 4' step ladder in there to put up our own "stakes" to hold the plants up...they are so big and tall!)

Look at those zucchini leaves!!! Practically bigger than all of Jacob!

Oh. My. Stars. The cilantro was INSANE. There was so much. And stupid me picked ALL OF IT. I thought "hey, I've heard you can freeze this...I should just pick it all and freeze it. Shouldn't take too much time." What was I thinkin'?!?! And this bucket? Only 1/3 of what I picked!

Here's another 1/3 getting washed.

And another 1/3 that's already been washed and pulled from the stems. Then I had to chop it and stuff it in ice cube trays and cover with water. Ugh!!! It took forever. I like the smell of cilantro. But I was starting to get nauseous!

The green beans. They are SO YUMMY. And they're really easy to wash and prepare. I cleaned these up and blanched them, then stuck them in a freezer bag. They were still yummy a week later when we had them for supper!

And it's not just all this traveling that's got me so tired. (NO I'm not pregnant!).
It's THIS boy!
He can get into trouble faster than you can say Rip Van Winkle!!! I have to admit, even though he's managed to really mess up my desktop and shuts it down on a regular basis...it's pretty cute to see him sit there and "pretend" to type! Then he sends emails and deletes files and makes programs disappear and it's not so funny anymore! just kidding...he hasn't done any of those things. I don't think?!

Go away Mommy! I'm talkin' to Binga!!
And he knows when my phone is locked. He doesn't want it then! Lucky for me, he hasn't figured out how to unlock it (you have to enter a password). But he did figure out how to not only unlock Papa's blackberry, but also change the country code! HA!

Oh but then he gives me his sweet smile and those big blue eyes just melt my heart. And I almost forget about all the gray-hair-growing stunts he's pulled all day long!

He now likes to put on any shoes he finds. The bigger, the better!

You don't want to know what was pulling that swim diaper down! It was not pleasant! (sorry)

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