Friday, August 14, 2009

Running, running...I think he's CRAZY!

Every year, I think Aaron and my uncle Bill are cah-razy for running 13.3 miles in a half marathon. Seriously? What possesses (that's a lot of s's!) people to go out and just run and run??? Maybe the same thing that possesses people to go out and take picture after picture? ;)
We got to the race and found a great spot to watch for them. Anna was in a mood. Yikes.

Waiting for Daddy and Uncle Bill. Jacob is just trying to figure a way OUT of the stroller!

Mile 13. They're only smiling because they see us. Before they saw us, they looked like someone was slowly and mercilessly causing great bodily harm to them.

But look at him...even after running 13.3 miles, he can still hold his precious kids! What a man :)

Uncle Bill taught Jacob "busted knuckles". He loves it!

So precious.

Here Daddy...let me help you stretch!

He'll even let Aunt Sandy play! :)

Hmmm...I wonder how far I can run before Mama will catch me?

Shoot! Not very far!

Goin' for a walk with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bill.
After taking long naps (except me and Anna! :P), we headed down to Great Grandma J's house. The kids had all kinds of fun playing and Grandma J had all kinds of fun being entertained by their antics!!

He would open the puppets mouth and say "Aaaahhhhhh!"

He really wasn't forlorn...I guess I just caught an "in between" expression. He was pretending to be a puppy and was playing fetch with the little pillow. It was pretty funny.

Oh my goodness. Saturday night, it HAILED like crazy and stormed. It was so loud. I couldn't believe it when we got up in the looked like it had snowed, there was so much hail! All that white above the hail! I meant to take a picture at Grandma's house before we left, but I forgot. It was crazy.

Evidently we had crazy weather at home, too. A GIANT tree limb had fallen onto our carport and garden while we were gone. Lovely site to come home to, isn't it??

It destroyed one of my tomato plants :( There had to be at least 60 tomatoes on there. But I might be able to save. We'll see! Finally got all the limbs hauled off today. It took 2 pickup loads! We also had a big one down in the front yard.
Okay, I think I'm all caught up now! :)


Teri said...

Wow, you are amazing with the camera! That one of Aaron hugging both kids with that exhausted smile is award winning! I hope and pray you are having a great visit!
You should check out some of the photo challenges on There's a link on my blog

Teri said...

Oh yeah, way to go Aaron!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It's been a wild summer of storms! We have had some real whoppers here too.

Tough on the girl who's afraid of thunder :)

I hope you can save your tomatoes! 60 tomatoes is a whole lot of tomato sauce :)