Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Coolest County Fair

We again made our trek to Colorado for the annual half-marathon Aaron runs with my uncle. And on our way, we again stopped by our adopted parents' house (they're actually my dad's cousins) for some fun at the fair! They have the coolest county fair! The town (or maybe it's the county?) owns & runs all the rides so there's no creepy carnies! AND it's so incredibly cheap...25 cents a ticket and no ride is more than 2 tickets! Also? You don't have to pay a dime to get in. Or a penny. It's free! My kids love it and they love Bruce and Shirley, so it's a win-win all the way around! :)

Anna asked as soon as she woke up if we were going to Bruce & Shirley's for the fair. She was ecstatic when I said yes, but wasn't very happy when I told her we had to wait for Daddy & Jacob to wake up before we left! Once we got there, we still had a few hours before the fair opened. To kill the time, she serenaded us with a lovely song or two:)

I love this girl and her blue eyes :)

I was right about needing running shoes. Jacob was so excited!! The first thing he saw was the carousel. He could hardly contain the excitement!

And then he couldn't contain the excitement and he just started dancing and jumping around!

Of course, he dove head first off the horse once we got on there and decided he'd rather ride on ME! And besides being cheap...these rides are L...O...N...G!

I think Anna's favorite was the airplane ride. She had a lot of fun and it was just her speed.

Laughing at Shirley.

The gentleman running the ride kept telling Anna she better hurry up and catch the girl in the airplane ahead of her. Anna thought that was just hilarious and she would hunch over the steering wheel and "chase" her.

Oh no. Jacob found cars...just his size. And they move! I had to stop him from climbing between the bars to get in there while the ride was still going!!!

He's in heaven!

I'm too cool Mama!

Wait a minute...why is it stopping? Why is Mama coming towards me? She realizes I'm not getting out of this car...EVER, right? Right?! RIGHT?!?!

Oh, whew! I just got to pick another car and go again! This is the best place ever!!!
The first night he rode at least 6 times in a row. There wasn't a line, so he could always get right back into another car. The second night was a lot busier, so we tried to avoid the cars...and the meltdowns that insued when he realized he couldn't get right back on. He just doesn't get that concept of "wait your turn"! :)

Anna had fun on the cars, too. She had fun on everything. Including the BIG swings that went really high and really fast and even made Mommy a bit nauseous!

She especially liked the cotton candy! She said her favorite thing of all was watching the horses (there was a rodeo as well, so we got to see a bit of barrel racing and some roping). A girl after my own heart!!

Too cute pink shades!

Driving mini-cars is evidently hard work!

And thus deserves a funnel cake and some Sprite!

She really liked the "merry-go-round", too.
There wasn't anything about our visit to Bruce & Shirley's that she didn't like! Plus, we got to go to the pool! Now she asks every day if we can go to the fair. Good thing the state fair is coming up in a few weeks!

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