Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wild Mustang

I let my children ride a wild mustang. I'm serious. I didn't know it was a wild mustang when I put them on, but it was! :) Scott was out by my grandparents' moving some of his long horn cattle and said we could stop by and help/ride if we made it in time. Of course, we'd already left home so I had to ride in capris and flip flops! But it was still so relaxing. I really miss riding. It's peaceful.
But I digress...the wild mustang. See, Scott is doing a competition--he gets a wild mustang and breaks it and trains it and then shows it. I think he has a total of 3 months to get it done. The wild mustang he got? Turns out he wasn't so wild! I mean, he was truly wild but he wasn't wild. Am I making sense?? :D Scott said this horse never bucked once! He was very relaxed and easy-going on our mile+ ride! I almost didn't believe him when he told me that was the wild mustang he was training. So we got pictures and one day Anna & Jacob can tell their grandchildren that they rode a wild mustang before they were even old enough for school! ;)

Telling me all about this horse. We rode about a mile from where the trailer was to the house. And we walked the whole way. So it took a while. And that whole time, I don't think Anna stopped talking. But seriously? What's better than being out in the middle of nowhere, on a horse with my daughter? And seeing an amazing sunset (even though we almost got carried off by mosquitoes!).
Mama, is this horse a boy or a girl?
Well, I don't know. I forgot to look before I got on. I think it's probably a boy.
Hmmm...I think it's a girl. We'll call her Horsey.
Okay, Anna.
Well, maybe it is a boy. Is it a boy or a girl?
I don't know Anna. I think it's probably a boy.
Okay. I can tell him "Good boy"!
Mama, I really like horses. I wish I could ride a horse every day.
Me too, Anna. Me too!
We should go to Scott's and ride horses again.
I know. That was fun, wasn't it?
Yes! Can I have a horse?
Maybe some day you and I can both have a horse.
I like horses Mama.
I mentioned that already.

After she finally gave up and came inside, she told me next time she's going to wear her cowboy boots to ride. Me too Anna! Flip flops are NOT made for horse riding!

Last time Jacob was in the saddle, he screamed. This time? He loved it! In fact, when he had to go inside, this is what he did......

laid on the floor and cried! Maybe I'll get him trained, yet! :)

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Teresa said...

yeah, i sat hunter on that horse, i think it was either that "wild" one or the other one the day after he picked it up! it wasn't until AFTER i put parker on with hunter that he tells me, this horse may not be ready for this. yikes, but it did fine. i made sure i got pictures, too. scott could make that horse famous and my kiddos were one of it's first riders!!!